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Find the lowest price and order securely online from trusted local companies.

Saving heating oil deliveries one house at a time.

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Virtual Tank Monitoring

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Free. Easy. No Commitment.

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Tank Level Alert System

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Low Price Sourcing  

Automatically be entered to WIN heating oil!


A service provided by  KingFish Technologies.

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How it works:

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Step 1

Check your price for free.  We'll scour the internet and find you a good deal with a trusted local company to deliver.

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Step 2

If you are happy (and we think you will be) you can order directly from that company through your easy online account.

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Step 3

Just like that, you get your delivery and the tools to have a great experience with your fuel company. Easy, peasy.

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Putting the power in your hands to make your winter heating heroic! 

Sick of checking your fuel levels?  Tired of searching around for a good company?  Fuel Hero is the answer! Our system let's you sit back, relax and experience the future of fuel delivery.

Mobile Enabled

Easy to use and setup

No commitment

We empower you and your fuel company to better use technology.

Fuel Hero was born out of a desire to reduce the friction between fuel customers and fuel companies. We set out on a simple mission to provide free tools that increase efficiency while simultaneously providing the top notch consumer experience you deserve.  Join us on our mission today!

Get ready to be saved by Fuel Hero!

"Fuel Hero is amazing!  I don't know how it does it but their virtual tank monitoring is spot on!  When my tank is low, they recommend a great local company and I can order in a few clicks!"

B Adams,

"I was so frustrated by the same old system.  When I found Fuel Hero, my life became SOOOOO much easier.  What else can I ask for in an absolutely free service!

Dot B,


"What's better than a free service that helps me better use my limited budget?  I can't think of anything. Heating season doesn't have to be the villain when you have Fuel Hero!

Chet K,

New Hampshire

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We've gotcha.

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1.  What does Fuel Hero do for me?

Fuel Hero connects you to good companies and good prices. Plain and simple.  We are not an oil company, just a service that makes it easier for consumers and companies to interact.

2.  How does it work?

We connect good companies to good customers or vice versa.  Our system simply matches you with a good company and you take it from there.​

3.  Do you delivery fuel?

No.  We simply recommend (and make it easy for you to transact with) trusted and vetted fuel companies.  We simply provide free tools to make your winter...a little warmer.

4.  What else does Fuel Hero do?

We give you modern portals and ways to communicate with your fuel company.  Virtual Tank Monitoring, SMS notifications, fancy portals...think Amazon for oil.

5.  Is Fuel Hero really free?

Yes.  100%. free to you.  If you purchase oil via our system, the fuel company pays us a small fee.

6.  Do I have to purchase oil from your recommendation?  

Nope.  You're free to go wherever you'd like at any time.  There are no obligations or commitments.

7.  Do I have to download anything?

No, it's 100% cloud based.

8.  Do I have to stay with the oil company if I purchase?


No, you can make up your mind.  We just think our tools make that transaction a lot easier, so much so that we're confident you and your oil company will deliver happily ever after.

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